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Don’t make the biggest purchase of your life without solid advice.

Rathdrum is one of north Idaho’s success stories when it comes to real estate. The prairie is booming with new subdivisions cropping up everywhere you look. For many homeowners or investors, now is the perfect time to buy and sell. If you’re looking to buy your first home or sell to enjoy the fruit of your hard-earned equity, don’t try to enter the transaction without help. Real estate law is how Rathdrum Law can help protect your investment and make sure you don’t go into any deal uninformed..

Most of what we do in real estate law is making and reviewing agreements between buyers and sellers. We can help realtors understand complex agreements, homeowners review lengthy sale contracts, and investors design a lease that protects their investments. Sometimes real estate law can branch into litigation when neighbors disagree about easements. We can negotiate, mediate, and take your case to trial to protect your land. Finally, if you are a landlord, you might face situations where tenants are unreasonable or potentially in breach of your agreement. Let us help you work through the issue and defend your rights.

At Rathdrum Law we are committed to helping our clients wade through even the most complicated real estate issues. Schedule your free consultation today to see how we can help you with whatever issues you face.

What can we do for you?

Landlord Law

We can represent you through evictions or negotiate any issues with tenants.

Purchase and Sale

Don’t just skim your real estate agreement. Let us carefully review and show you what you’re getting into.

Easement and Boundaries

Let us help you protect the boundaries of your hard-earned investment.

Rental and Lease Agreements

Whether you’re leasing a home or an enormous factory, don’t sign without first talking to a lawyer who can answer your questions.

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