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Rathdrum’s Very Own Full Service Law Firm.

The city of Rathdrum has long needed a law firm with experience in a wide range of practice areas. Rathdrum Law provides that. Our team of paralegals and attorneys wants to help you no matter your legal issue. We insist on free consultations because we believe that everyone in Rathdrum deserves to be heard on their issue. Whether or not you decide to ask for our help, stop in and let one of our dedicated attorneys hear your problem. Below are some of our practice areas; give us a call today or set up your consultation today to see where your issue fits.


Bankruptcy can seem like the low point in your financial life. Let us help you turn it into a new beginning. Our bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals will give you the path forward to start fresh.

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Business Law

Rathdrum Law will give you the advice and documents necessary to start off on the right foot. We also create contracts, mediate disputes, and can wind down the business.

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Civil Law

While civil law issues can vary wildly, our dedication to helping you remains constant. Whatever the dispute or issue, we will advocate for your side. Schedule a visit to our office and we’ll help you discover the route forward.

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Criminal Law

Whether charged with a misdemeanor or felony, or looking for a restoration of your rights, the justice system can confuse even the most careful defendant. That’s where we come in. Rathdrum Law’s team will put our experience to work in your case.

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Estate Planning

No matter the amount of wealth, you need to consider what’s to be done with it once you pass. Rathdrum Law’s estate planning attorneys will guide you through your choices and create a custom and personalized plan for you. We’ll help you make your legacy a gift to your family.

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Family Law

Family law issues rarely go as planned. When so much is at stake, don’t rely on anyone who isn’t willing to walk with you. Rathdrum Law commits its team to guiding those facing family law cases with caring and with zealous advocacy.

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Intellectual Property

Your creativity deserves as much protection as the work of your hands. Let us help you protect it through trademarks and copyright protections. If you have a business that relies on trade secrets, we can help you litigate that issue, as well.

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Real Estate Law

Rathdrum is growing in leaps and bounds. Don’t let this boom pass you by, and don’t try to buy or sell real estate without careful and comprehensive advice. Let Rathdrum Law’s attorneys put their experience to work for you.

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