Intellectual Property

Protect your creativity like you’d protect your home.

It seems obvious that there should legal protections for things like your home and your car. But business plans, brands, and works of art or literature may not be so obvious. Intellectual property law is the field that gives creative professionals, business owners, and dreamers alike a way to protect all this and more. At Rathdrum Law, we’re dedicated to helping you defend that spark of creativity.

Copyrights to protect written or media works are fairly commonplace in daily life. Trademarks, too, are visible on every can at the supermarket and every sign on the roadside. Both of these are ways to protect different aspects of creative work. But trade secrets are a huge and vital part of intellectual property law. Whether it’s the blend of “natural flavors” that makes a soft drink fizz just right, or the special process that makes your product’s colors pop, we want to help you keep your secrets safe. If you suspect a competitor has stolen your secret sauce, give us a call and set up your free consultation.

If you want to protect existing products or establish the legal protections for new ones, Rathdrum Law is your local law firm ready to make it happen. Set up a free consultation today to see how we can help protect your creativity.

What can we do for you?


A trademark is a symbol or design used by only a single company. Let us help you establish your brand.


A copyrighted work is one that can only be shared, published, or distributed by a single person or company, unless otherwise licensed. Let us help you protect your own works.

Trade Secrets

Protect your secret sauce to ensure your business continues to thrive. Talk with us today about how we can help.

Brand Protection

Brand protection includes a little bit of all the areas of intellectual property. Let us help you find the right protections for your next big idea.

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