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It may be inevitable that one day you will pass on, but through estate planning and asset protection we can help you prepare for both. Planning ahead of time gives you peace of mind, and it also serves as a loving gift to the future. Whether you have a lot or a little to your name, it’s important to think through what will happen when you are gone.

The two main mechanisms of estate planning are wills and trusts. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, but that’s what we’re here for. Come in to talk to our dedicated estate planning attorneys at Rathdrum Law and we’ll guide you through the different options to chose what works best for your unique situation.

But planning for your estate is only one part of what you should build for your future. People are living longer than ever, but may in some cases need caretakers to help them. Let us help you set up living wills and medical powers of attorney to make sure those caretakers do exactly what you want and nothing more or less. We can also help you plan for a future application for Medicare, to ensure that you understand the ramifications and set up your estate in the most advantageous way.

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What can we do for you?


A will allows you to tell your family what you want to be done with your belongings. We will help you design it to meet your exact needs.


In a trust, a trustee of your choice administers your estate. This ensures that your gift to future generations is maintained properly.


In most situations, a will must be probated. If you are facing the probate for a loved one, let us know and we’ll help you through the process.

Asset Protection

We can help protect as much of your estate as possible for your descendants. Let us know your concerns and we will do our best to help.

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