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There’s nothing quite like the excitement of starting a new business. Getting the idea, designing your services, and serving your first happy customer is a thrill. Rathdrum is a perfect place for any new business. Our town is growing each year as new businesses are planted to meet the new needs. But as much as your business needs a solid plan for success, above all it needs a sturdy legal framework. With business law, Rathdrum Law can safeguard you and your investment at the same time.

Throughout the life of a business there are many areas where the help of legal counsel can help you avoid problems. First, protecting you from liability is critical. There are many different mechanisms to do that, from limited liability companies to corporations. We can offer advice to make that decision, file the legal documentation, and write an operating agreement to protect you and your shareholders or members. Then, once your business is thriving, you will need contracts for everything from employment to setting up purchasing deals with suppliers. Rathdrum Law can draft, review, and revise all of these documents and more. Sometimes disagreements can grow between business partners, and we are happy to intercede and hopefully bring both parties to an amicable resolution. And finally, if your business has reached its end, we can help you ensure you comply with the legal requirements for dissolution.

Whatever your business needs, Rathdrum Law is ready and waiting to help. We are dedicated to providing the business owners of Rathdrum with unparalleled service. Contact us today to see how we can structure and support your business.

What can we do for you?

Entity Formation

Partnerships, LLCs, corporations…there are different reasons to choose each. We’ll help make the decision and write an operating agreement to hold all co-owners accountable.


No matter your business, you’ll need contracts, whether with customers, suppliers, or landlords. We can review, draft, and negotiate contracts for all of your business needs.


There are a lot of situations where disputes can develop in a business. Our goal is to help you resolve them in the best way for you. No matter the dispute, come in to see how we can help.


When it’s time for a business to end, it’s not a simple process. Let us help carve up the assets, notify creditors, and complete the dissolution process for you.

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