A plan to move forward.

Debt can overwhelm even the most financially prepared family or individual. Whether it was a lost job that caused debts to pile up, or medical issues that cost an arm and a leg, it can feel impossible to break free of the cycle. Bankruptcy empowers you to do just that: start fresh and move forward with your life. Chris Williams, our bankruptcy specialist, has years of experience equipping people in Rathdrum with the tools needed to regain their financial freedom.

Declaring bankruptcy can be scary, as the rules and requirements are long and can change dramatically from year to year. Rathdrum Law is here to walk you through every step of the way. From the first consultation to the last appearance before a judge, Chris and Andrea, our dedicated bankruptcy paralegal, will guide you through the process and give you the help you need.

Rathdrum Law can also help with a variety of other related issues. If your wages are being garnished and you want to try to reduce the garnishment, or you need help reducing your debt or tax burden to the IRS, Chris and the whole team at Rathdrum Law will put their knowledge and experience to work for you.

What can we do for you?

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

While Chapter 13 bankruptcies have repayment plans, Chapter 7 bankruptcies do not. We can explain the details of both and help you make the best decisions for your needs.

Tax Relief

We are happy to negotiate with the federal and state taxing authorities to lessen back taxes and get a repayment plan set up.

Stop Garnishments

Garnished wages leave you and your family with less, in a time when you should have more. Talk to us to learn about how we can help fight garnishments.

Debt Negotiation

Creditors, especially from big corporations, can cause a lot of problems without someone to guide you. We can negotiate to reduce or eliminate your debt without a bankruptcy filing.

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